For those interested on Body Painting and Photography

If you want to attend the event please leave a comment with your contact information.

Northern California Body Painting Lighting and Shoot Out. Sunday Sept. 19th 1 PM- 4PM
10 photographers maximum, $125 before Sept. 12th, $150 on Sept 12th and later

Artist body painter Anna Wilinski, MM#1313906 and model Jennifer Jones, MM# 1466518

A terrific chance to photograph the work of talented body paint artist, Anna Wilinski. Her attention to detail and unique creations provide a distinctive visual punch. She is planning a special design for our nude model, Jennifer Jones! Anna has been active for over 15 years in many guises as Body Painting Studio – face paint shop – her face paint site – and her Bloggy Wog Starting work on Jennifer Sunday morning, Anna will have our model ready for the shootout at 1 PM with a one-of-a-kind body art.

Jennifer Jones is a blue-eyed Irish/German/Welsh girl who strives to create exceptional, expressive works of art. She is a hard working model on Zivity and rocks at Wii bowling. Jennifer’s quiet, expressive personality results in surprisingly energetic pictures. Her love of modeling always shows through!

Specializing in advertising photography, Leonard Gee has a long background in product and model work. Begining in high school with yearbooks and then working in editorial and ad print, he attended Art Center College of Design and worked on the East Cost with annual reports, magazines and advertising campaigns. He now, finally is home in California.

Agenda The plan is to have Jennifer as the first stage of finished art so we can begin shooting at 1 PM. I will be there to demonstrate, light, coach and assist with a small group shootout, in small groups. Anna will have a progressive design, so there will be a short 1/2 hour break while she adds to her design and we review and discuss the pictures. Jennifer will be available after the group session for optional one-on-one sessions in half-hour slots.

Details The cost of the shootout is $125 for registration before Sunday, Sept. 12th and $150 on Sept. 12th or later. We must limit this event to 10 photographers. A deposit of $50 is required to hold a spot and the full amount must be paid by the event start at 1 PM. Optional one-on-one 1/2 hour slots are available with Jennifer for $50 each.

Don’t miss this chance to add Anna’s wonderful art on the gorgeous nude Jennifer to your collection of pictures!

New Auguste Clown Face Paint Design

Check out this Clown Face that I did with a Diamond FX Rainbow Cake.

My New Book is Here and more news!

Hi Fellow Face Painters!

I have a couple announcements to do:

#1 The store is  fully stocked with some colors that we have been missing for quite awhile (Lite Green 32g and The Large Euroblend Neon Rainbow Cake).

#2  My new book is here and ready to jump into your hands! It is all about using rainbow cakes, so if you are in need of a step by step guide of how to make the most of your rainbow cakes, or if you want to give this speedy colorful  method a try for the first time, please order a book before we run out! It will be at tonight!

#3 For those thinking about attending the Living Canvas convention in California,  if you want a $20 discount on registration please send me an  e-mail to  before registering for a special coupon code and more details.

I hope to meet you at the convention in California or at my class in Kalamazoo!



P.S. Here is a book review from Pat Bohn!

I got your book this morning in the mail. (Boy, are they early today!)
I looked through it and I LOVE it!  I like the way you show the tools and the steps in how to use them. I love the butterfly eyes and the tiger. The dolphin step-by-step is something I can even follow…lol.  I know from taking your classes, that you’re very good at breaking down each design so we can see exactly how to do them and that technique follows over into your book.
Amazing designs. Amazing clarity in the pictures AND the instructions as well.

Hands on Workshop October 5th, 2010

Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana Face Painters!!! Feeling like taking an awesome face painting class to nourish your soul?!Follow the link to learn more about Clash’s Class in FAMOUS Kalamazoo, MI on October 5th. There will be a jam from 7-9pmish following the class if you want to get in on that too. Click this link to learn more!

Glow Pop Eye Design

New Rainbow Cake Eye Design.  This is using, by far, the most popular mini-rainbow cake in my kit. The colors are not neon, but they appear to be, which is totally magic. It is Called Glow Pop at


New Coupon Code For New and Old Subscribers

Every new subscriber to my blog from August 9th 2010 until December 10th 2010, will get an e-mail* with a Coupon Code for a Free Dotter Sponge and a Free Foam Wedge Sponge that can be used on any purchase over $20 on my online store until December 10th 2010 (the coupon can only be used 1 time and it can’t be combined with any other coupon code)**.

*It can take up to 48hrs to get the e-mail with the coupon code.

** Coupon valid for US costumers only.

PS: those who are already subscribed to my blog will get the coupon code on an e-mail today.  This is our way to say thank you to our old subscribers.

Diamond FX Mettalix make great Mardi Gras/ Cirque du Soliel designs!

I apologize for the quality of this video, once I uploaded it to youtube it looked pretty funky. I promise to make another one to really show off the design. Here is a picture of the aftermath of playing with my version of a design Santi did on me.

If you have a mettalix red or fushia, and a metallix green, please…go mix them together and see what happens! The green must have a lot of blue in it to create these surprising colors.  I used this color combo to add drama to cute little girls butterfly’s yesterday.