The New Store is Up!

YEAHHH!!! After weeks of hard work we have been able to put up our new store.  I hope you find it more costumer friendly.  I would appreciate any feedback on how it looks and works.

The new store has its own link: , anyway, the site is still working for those interested in our gallery, links, etc.

We will not be able to ship orders placed after June 23rd untill June 28th. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

The new contact mail for the store is:

Thanks for buying at JestPaint!

2 comments on “The New Store is Up!

  1. I like the new store. I think it is very user friendly. Navigation is great, I was able to find everything I wanted very easily.

    Some sites are too cluttery, this one is not at all. Everything is laid out nicely, like to an upscale shopping galery.

    One area of opportunity, I suppose, is the direction to click the picture for more information, however, additional information does not seem to display in all cases. Perhapse a little more information could be displayed if queried for.

    Overall, the shopping experience was pleasurable.

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