Getting Crazy with Black Light Paint

The past couple of weeks my husband and I have been experimenting with the DFX UV/Blacklight paints under Black Light. We figured this could be a fun way to spend our evenings after my daughter went to bed, and now I am dreaming in neon! 

I bought a 2 foot long black light from Spencer’s Gifts, which can make my whole room glow. You can also buy round bulbs from GE and large flashlights. Look for cool accessories that glow too around your house.

Working with the Neon Paints with the intention of using them for black lights is a whole new animal. You don’t need a heavy application to have them glow under black light, and the bolder and crazier the better. You don’t need to do very much delicate blending, or use fancy line work either. ~However, you should warn the people you paint that the design might look totally different under regular light.~ I painted my nose with regular black to cover up a mistake and when the lights were on…there I was with a black nose tip, and other correction marks.

Since the skin will not show (it will appear black under the lights) you can do all sorts of cool effects just highlighting certain parts of the face.

For example, with the design above I used a dotter sponge to make the two large spots on my forehead. The black around them is just my regular skin. Below I painted just Santi’s eyes and forehead and the strip down his nose…and his hands.  Everything else disappeared. Note how cool they look in his hair!

The reds, pinks, yellows and white really pop forward, while the blue and violet look farther away. Knowing this you can make three dimensional tricks. You can blend regular paints in to make shadows too, but don’t get to dark or the paint will just vanish.

I think it is best to paint under black light with a small regular lamp nearby as well so you can see where your brushes  and water cups are.  This way you can also see the immediate effects of what it will look like with the black light, but not make a mess. Then the design will look good under the regular light to.


I have a couple of face paint friends that have regular gigs at bowling alleys and roller rinks (Jolene and Jenni :o, that’s you!) who use their Neon paints when the black lights are on. Other times face painters use them to paint people going to a party or club where there will be black light.

You can also buy tiny black light flash lights and paint people for Halloween…and they can shine the light on their face to make a really awesome surprise.

The pinks, oranges, greens and yellows look amazing under regular light, and with the crazy fashion trends these days of neon graffiti t-shirts girls really love the neon paints when they see them in my kit. The Star Skull below shows  the neons under regular light.  Sorry I look so grumpy in this picture!

Check out my body paint page on my blog for more info on taking pictures under black lights, and more of the pictures we took. Below are some items from that can get you started!