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NOTE:  We sold out of our initial batch of Split Cakes, and we are not producing anymore until we come up with a better game plan. We found that many colors were very brittle for splitting, leading to damaged cakes, and some took months and months to sell. Comment below about combos you would like to see in our store. If we can come up with a fool proof way to cut them, and make combos that would be high in demand, we will start making them again.

We just added Split Cakes to I have seen a lot of face painters have  these in their kits when I go to jams. Those that have them  love them for at least three reasons.

If you want to pack small, but play big, having two colors in each container is a really great way to maximize space in your kit. Split cakes let you use a brush or a sponge to easily and quickly load two tones of one color, or two popular color combinations together. Once your tool is loaded the colors come out nicely blended on the skin.

Split Cakes Designs

If you don’t face paint like crazy it also will save you money because you buy more colors in less cakes. The 32’s and 45’s are half as expensive per gram than the 10g refill cups of Diamond Fx. With split cakes you get smaller amounts of each color  but at a very good price!

When I do butterflies I use split cakes to have the lighter color close to the eye and the darker color on the edge.  The Neon Pink and Violet Split cake is an awesome choice for those! For tigers or cheetahs I keep the yellow in the center of the face and the orange out on the edges. With monsters and skulls I keep the lighter color on the most protuding parts of the bones, and the darker color shades the bones. I save so much time using these cakes that I can paint full faces in about 2 minutes flat.