Step by Step #1 Cheek Art Horse

Be a little girls hero by learning how to paint cute ponies and pretty horses.


Make a diagonal “chicken leg” with two shades of one color.  Sweep a curved neck following the angle of the back of the horses head. Add two ears. *If you keep the darker color around the jaw bone of the horse and on the neck, you will add more depth to the design.ç


Take another two shades of color and make bangs coming from between the ears and along the back of the head and neck. If you press your brush harder where the mane meets the neck and then drag the tip as you get to tips of the hair it will look like this, or you can make super swirly hair or rainbow hair using a rainbow cake.


Take a thin brush (a round #1 or so) and paint a c, n or < shape for the eye. Add a black circle in the center and eyelashes. You can also make a small arch under the eye to look like the horses cheek is popping up in a smile.


Outline the ears and the face and neck of the horse. Keeping the bridge of  the nose curved on the top will make it look cuter. Note the little lower lip, and the way the neck line meets the jaw.


Add fine hairs in the Mane and Bangs (Forelock…a kid told me that was what the bangs are called).


Take a small white brush and add highlights in the eye, the mane and the neck and jaw. Go horse crazy!

4 comments on “Step by Step #1 Cheek Art Horse

  1. Hi Anna
    Congratulations with all your success!
    Do you do classes in Kalamazoo?
    What do you think of the Chinese Balloon Fashion Show?
    I want to try the face paint live art .
    Alice and Yeager miss you….my balloon art is still lacking as well.
    Do you take on any interns?
    Still want to figure out how to get you to do a party in Chicago with
    my family or maybe here in Kalamazoo when they visit to pick blueberries.

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